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Ron Munden's Portfolio 1965 -1975

Ron Munden Portfolio -- 1965 - 1975

In 1965 I bought a Nikon F with a 50mm 1.4 f/stop lens for $250.00. It came with a light meter and two rolls of film.

I got a great price because the person I bought it from purchased it while on a trip to Japan. Fortunately for me he could not figure out how to load the film and decided to get rid of the camera. I will always be indebted to my father-in-law that found the camera and loaned me enough money so I could purchase that camera.

I put away my Argus C3 and moved to the world of the single lens reflect. It also started a 50+ year love affair with Nikon.

These are some of the photos I shot duing those first 10 years.