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By Ron Munden

It has been over 50 years since I moved to California and almost 20 years since I returned to Texas. Maybe it is because I am getting older or just because I am bored but for some reason memories of those first few years in the San Francisco Bay Area keep popping into my mind with increasing frequency.

Recently I decided to capture these memories so I can at least use them as content on my websites and I am recording them as they flash into my memory so this will not be a chronological record of that period. I will try to provide the general timeframe when the evens occurred.

I will start by story by describing how I ended up in California. That was never part of my master plan but I definitely had a master plan.

Circumference-of Me - Chapter 5

By George Smith

5. Professional you vs. personal you

Every aspiring manager should remember this simple axiom: There is life after work.

Consider three ingredients that have nothing to do with work, yet are absolutely necessary for a successful career: Family, friends, and downtime.

Family support during one’s rise in the corporate ranks is crucial to making the various transitions as smooth as possible. Work can be all-consuming, if you let it. But it cannot hug you, or listen to your thoughts, aspirations, and fears. Work cannot ruffle your hair playfully, just to let you know someone cares.

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Gut Decisions ans Trial Ballons

By George Smith

To get inside the mind of Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America and make sense of the decisions he makes would take a world-class team of psychiatrists armed with a bone saw and a commercial grade MRI machine.

The president has said he goes with his “gut” in making important decisions and it’s easy to see how that is the case: He has made decisions that have made cabinet members, leaders and staff of the intelligence agencies, aides and even some followers shaking their heads in amazement.

His penchant for making a decision based the theory of the “trial balloon”, giving aides and cabinet members direct instructions on how to proceed and then reversing it after getting feedback, is the fodder of dysfunctional families and distressed companies.

Trump, for a reason known only to himself, has decided our main allies, the countries whose soldiers have fought and died in mixed regiments made up from the best soldiers from various nations, are not worth having as friendly neighbors in his view of this greerdy, take-no-prisoners world.

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