Certosa di Padula; Part II Ė May 2, 2018 Ė Padula, Italy


As we entered each area of the cloister there was a detailed map and description of what you would see.That was the good news.The bad news is most of the time Nancy and I couldnít understand where we were on the map.But what the heck we enjoyed everything we saw.


The church has one nave with cross-altars. We walked into the nave and our cameras started clicking.

















This is the figure on top of the door and wall separating the choir seats from the altar.



The Jesus figure on the right side of the door (the left side has the same Jesus only the head is facing in the opposite direction).



As we walked around the wall and locked door in the nave through several side rooms we came across books.I canít help myself and took more than just this photograph.




Another room before reaching the altar.



I believe this is Saint Catherine but it could be Saint Lucy.The multiple swords make identification difficult but beats the griddle for Saint Lawrence.




Looking through doors.


The altar and no this isnít marble it is stucco.This stuccowork is made to resemble inlaid marble.As a contractor I can say this is something I didnít know could be done with stucco.




I will add that no matter how close you get to the altar it looks like marble not stucco.However, not everything you see is stucco.There are hard stones, lapis and mother of pearl inlaid within the stucco.Even with the stones, lapis lazuli, and mother of pearl I have never seen stucco work that I would consider a work of art.

















A painting of Saint Lawrence as he is lying down on the griddle.




We have seen a lot of great floors but how about this one? The floor is made of individual tiles.


The ceiling in one of the cross altars.




A close up of one of the panels.



A detail of the altar.


























This is a portion of a tiled floor off the kitchen and in a small garden but under a covered walkway.




And this is no monk Ė see the sword by his side and the amour he is wearing.


Part III is woodwork and carving.Remember my photographs look better after a drink or two.