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My Escape to the Bohemian Bus


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My wife Deloris and I normally take one big trip each year. The trip is normally to another country; usually a country that we have not visited before and the trip is packed with new and different experiences. 2018 was different. We made trips to Florida, Virginia and Arizona but stayed in the USA. These trips were enjoyable but not truly unique.

I also took my normal yearly sabbatical to Northern California. It was on this trip that I had my most interesting travel experience of 2018.

I decided I wanted to spend a several days photographing the beaches in the Point Arena area so I started looking for a place to stay on the airbnb website. I found this listing:

Bohemian Bus Beautiful
A deluxe school bus located off Hwy 1, 1.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean, provide a secluded, sunny off-grid artistic getaway, with organic gardens, outdoor tubs & "malibu shower", plus fully equipped kitchen, wood-stove & on-demand hot water.

The place sounded interesting so I booked a two night stay in the Bus. The following pages documents my stay.

Photography: Ron Munden