Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul – April 5, 2018 – Tunis, Tunisia


The third time was the charm.  I had walked by the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul twice before and it was locked up.  Persistence pays off – it was open on my third trip.


There are about 20,000 Catholics living in Tunisia.  The Catholic Church still owns the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul but services are not held here on a weekly basis.  It appeared to me the Cathedral was more a tourist attraction than a religious site.












The interior dome above the altar.







I thought the stained glass windows were a strong feature of the Cathedral.




Saint Michael slaying the dragon.




The base of a column.



I thought this piece was Art Deco in style but have never seen art deco in a Catholic Cathedral so I am most likely wrong in my description.



Traveling isn’t only cathedrals, shopping, birding and art – there is food.  The appetizer.


And the main dish – lamb.




May you eat as well as I did today.