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This was my first stay at the Sirata Beach Resort and it was very disappointing.

Floor in our room

By Ron Munen --

We recently returned from a trip to St Pete`s Beach. It was a great trip with one little exception. Actually it is a big exception.

I have stayed at many many hotels and this one wins the prize. It is the worst hotel room I have ever stayed in.

Let me start with something good about the Sirata Beach Resort. The hotel front desk staff was very friendly and tried to be helpful each time I called or visited them.

We arrived at the hotel about 6pm on Thursday, 1 March 2018. After checking in we quickly dropped off our bags in the room and went out to dinner. By the way -- it was a great dinner.

When we returned to the room my wife noticed that the towels hanging in the bathroom were damp. She also noticed that there was no soap or shampoo.

That prompted the first call to the front desk. We reported the problem and the front desk said that they would send up dry towels and soap.

While we waited we did a closer review of the room. We found the floor was very dirty with shoe prints visible in numerous locations. The refrigerator in the room had food left in it and the shelves were dirty. We also noticed the bed sheets were soiled.

When the towels and soap arrived, we pointed out the other problems. The 20-ish year-old young man who delivered the towels did not appear to see these issues as problems but at 20 I might not have seen them as problems either. I laid towels down on the floor and washed my feet bedside with a damp cloth. My wife covered up the dirty bottom sheets with the clean sheets and we settled in for the night. Or we thought we were settled in until we decided to watch TV. We could not get them to work. We called for help.

Two very nice technicians came to the room. After a few minutes they discovered that a cable behind one TV had been disconnected. Once it was reconnected that TV worked. They did say it was a new system and they were still working out the bugs. Also the signal wasn`t strong enough which became very obvious. Frequently the picture would be replaced with, "weak signal, please be patient."

I did try to connect to the wifi later without success, but it was getting late and I decided to save that for another day.

Wash cloth and towel used to clean feet

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