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By Ron Munden*

My favorite day of the year is New Year's Day. I like to start with a new sheet of paper. So, on January 1 I close out all of past year projects and start planning for the coming year.

This year is particularly exciting because in 2017 I decided I would change directions in 2018. Instead of focusing on Marshall and activities around Marshall I decided I wanted to spend my time visiting and photographing new places in the United States. So, in 2018 we are going travel more -- mainly domestically. I want to take the time to enjoy what the United States has to offer.

Our travel list is not complete but for now it includes:
*a trip to Florida
*a trip to Arizona
*a trip to up the East Coast to Washington DC
*a trip to New England during the Fall colors
and of course, my yearly trip to California.

That's for starters we hope to add a few more places later in the year.

I promise that I will take lot of photographs and collect interesting information that can be posted on the website.